1. The MIX KICK BOXING style was registered on July 3, 2018 in Iran under the supervision of the Martial Arts Federation of the Ministry of Sport and Youth of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Government) under the name WORLD MIX KICK BOXING ASSOCIATION FEDERATION (WMAF) by GM Dr. MOHAMMAD BEIGI

2. MIX KICK BOXING style tournament are held in three sections:

1) all Kick boxing style (low kick, full contact, semi contact, light contact, K-1, thai kick boxing, point fighting, kick lighting, body contact, shoot boxing)

2) mix kickboxing or M-1 style (exclusive Method of fighting)

3) Individual Arts (cold weapons, self defense, musical form, acrobats & …)

3. Arrange the belts of the mix kick boxing style:

Yellow belt

Orange belt

Green belt

Blue belt

Brown belt

Black belt

Black belt 1 Dan

Black belt 2 Dan

Black belt 3 Dan

Black belt 4 Dan

Black belt 5 Dan

Black belt 6 Dan

Black belt 7 Dan

Black belt 8 Dan

Black belt 9 Dan

Black belt 10 Dan

4. Rules of the exclusive Method of fighting mix kick boxing style (M-1 or MIX KICKBOXING):

Mix kickboxing or M-1 styles is held in all weights and classes and in both men and women.

The tournament is a mix of techniques for kickboxing and jujitsu (mix martial arts techniques).

In M-1 or mix kickboxing styles, kick and throat techniques are free, but movements such as biting, finger swelling in the eye, traumatic stroke, hair stroke, choking, finger placement in each opponent’s vent, Blow to the vertebra of the spine and spinal cord, blow down with the elbow, any kind of blow to the throat, pinching or grabbing the body’s meaty tissues, getting a breast and kicking or kicking your knee to a swatter that falls on the ground is an error, To make (M-1 RULES).